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There is a definite advantage that can be gained from using top rated income tax software for your online tax preparation. Tax season can tend to bring on stress for a lot of us, especially if you think you are going to have additional taxes due.


Choosing one of the best income tax software brands is the sure way to avoid frustration from poorly formatted tax programs that do little more than cause confusion and stress you out.


Consumer reports have shown that there are two online income tax software brands that have stayed on top of customer satisfaction surveys for decades. TurboTax the top selling brand along with H&R Block the second most popular brand. These income tax software brands continue to lead with intuitive formatting that keeps the general public using these online tax software programs year after year.



Online income tax programs generally include the following editions for tax return preparation.

  • H&R Block Online Income Tax Software EditionsFree Editions  offer simple tax preparation for basic 1040 tax return filing needs. They do not include import capabilities or extra support.

  • Basic Editions step up your support a notch and include import abilities as well as home homeowner tax deduction filing.

  • Deluxe Editions are the best choice for maximizing medical and educational deductions as well as charitable donations.

  • Premium / Premier Editions are the top choice for investment property managers and investors, as well as the self employed.

  • Home and Business Editions are the right choice for an all-in-one solution to preparing and filing both your personal and business income tax returns with one affordable income tax software package.

TurboTax and H&R Block offer fully functional suites of tax software products for all filing needs. Choosing one of these brands and editions will show you how user friendly they can be for your online tax preparation and filing.



TurboTax Online Income Tax Software Editions 


Free File Alliance


Free or low cost alternatives to preparing your tax return are no doubt more important today than in past decades. The USA tax code becomes more complex with the added greed of each new congress trying to get it's special interest agenda manipulated into the tax code. We could all use help in ensuring our returns are completed in our best interest.

The IRS Free File site lists many options for filing Federal Income tax returns. This is a great option for those with simple returns to prepare and file.

I tested several different scenarios including each filing status, exemptions, income adjustments, credits, other taxes, payments, etc. All of the recommended income tax software programs prepared accurate tax returns with all the appropriate schedules needed to file a complete return.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the recommended programs and online applications:

  • Choice of an interview process or direct form entry.

  • Display tax guidance on data entry screen or only one click away.

  • E-file for free.

  • Allow printing and submitting the return by the post office.

  • Have a review process to alert the user to errors and omissions or potential problems.

  • Automatically transfer data to other sections of the return,

  • Offer state tax returns for a fee.


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